Mauritius was recently voted the happiest country in Africa in the tenth edition of the World Happiness Report and, with this in mind, it’s not difficult to understand why South Africans are flocking in droves to this gorgeous island country for retirement.  

Advocate Marco Gianoglio is one such retiree who will soon take up relaxation and enjoyment in Mauritius with his wife, Claudia after an extremely enjoyable two-week holiday confirmed his ambition to settle on the island.  

Advocate Gianoglio has served SA faithfully in his position as an Admitted Advocate of the High Court with a specialisation in Trust Law. He contacted us at IBN Immigration Solutions to make this dream a reality and received notice in April of approval for his Mauritian Retirement Permit and a Dependant Permit for his wife. 

“Our main reason to immigrate to Mauritius and to engage IBN Immigration Solutions was mainly because of the safe living conditions and stable political and economic environment in Mauritius, which, during our recent two-week stay there, has been so vividly confirmed to us in our various professional dealings with the Economic Development Board (EDB) and top-class medical facilities, where we did our medicals. During our travels all over the island, we always felt very safe. The kindness also of the Mauritian people is also overwhelming,” Advocate Gianoglio reveals in an interview with us. 

“I could not have done this without our immigration consultants’ guidance and effective implementation, as the EDB Authority in Mauritius is extremely strict in ensuring full compliance with their requirements, which IBN took care of, failing which I would, in my opinion, not have received the Retirement Permit,” he admits. “Our consultant at IBN in Cape Town was incredibly efficient in ensuring that all our concerns about immigrating were effectively addressed and kept us well informed, literally daily, as to where we were in the immigration process. My questions were always promptly answered.” 

Advocate Gianoglio and his wife are looking forward to, in his words, “Snorkeling and other aquatic sports across the island as well as fine Mauritian cuisine. Feeling safe, having peace of mind and tranquillity, as well as exploring new challenges in a very stimulating environment.” 

 If you are aged 50 or above and receive USD 1500 monthly, you can enjoy a 10-year Retirement Permit with the possibility to apply for a 20-year Permanent Residence Permit after just three consecutive years. If this is a dream that appeals to you, we look forward to assisting you with your Retirement Permit to Mauritius.

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