Medical Test Requirements for Mauritius Work Permits

Medical Test Requirements for Mauritius Work Permits

Are you planning to work in the beautiful island nation of Mauritius? If so, there are some important medical test requirements you need to be aware of when applying for a Permit.

Mauritius, known for its stunning beaches, lush landscapes, and vibrant culture, has certain health checks in place to ensure the safety and well-being of its residents and visitors. In this article, we’ll guide you through the medical tests you’ll need to undergo to obtain a work permit in Mauritius.

Who Needs to Undergo Medical Tests?

Before we delve into the specific tests, it’s essential to understand that all non-citizens seeking a work permit in Mauritius are required to complete a set of compulsory medical tests. These tests are designed to screen for various health conditions and diseases. Let’s take a closer look at the specific tests that you’ll need to undergo:

Blood Tests

  • Haemoglobin and Full Blood Count: These tests assess your overall blood health.
  • Hepatitis B Surface Antigen: A test to detect the presence of the hepatitis B virus.
  • Anti-HIV Screening Test: A crucial test for detecting the AIDS virus (HIV).
  • VDRL Test: This test is used to screen for syphilis.

Urine and Stool Tests

  • Urine Tests for Albumin and Sugar: These tests examine your urine for signs of kidney and blood sugar issues.
  • Stool Test for Parasites: A test to check for the presence of parasites in your digestive system.

Radiological Tests

  • Chest X-ray: An X-ray of the chest to examine the condition of your lungs and heart.

Specific Tests

  • Lymphatic Filariasis: A test for a parasitic disease transmitted by mosquitoes.
  • Leprosy: This test is required only for Indian nationals. The consulting doctor should confirm on the Medical Certificate that the person is not suffering from leprosy.

Additional Information

Here are some important points to note regarding these medical test requirements:

Mandatory Tests in Mauritius

Out of all the tests mentioned above, the following three tests must be conducted in Mauritius:

  • Hepatitis B Surface Antigen
  • HIV Screening
  • Chest X-ray

Testing Locations

These tests can be conducted at any private local medical laboratory or clinic registered with the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life in Mauritius.

Submission of Results

All test results should be submitted to a local doctor in Mauritius who will then issue a medical certificate after conducting a thorough examination. The medical certificate, along with the reports for the three tests done in Mauritius (HIV, Hepatitis B Surface Antigen, and chest X-ray), must be submitted at the time of your application.

Infectious or Contagious Diseases

If there is evidence that the applicant is suffering from any infectious or contagious disease, the application for an Occupation Permit will not be accepted.

Validity of Tests

The medical tests should have been conducted no longer than six months before the date of submitting your application.

Radiologist Signature

Ensure that the chest X-ray is signed by a qualified radiologist.

Children’s Requirements

Children under the age of 12 will also need to undergo a clinical examination and submit a Medical Certificate. Additional medical investigations, including a chest X-ray and blood tests, should only be carried out if required by the doctor.


Obtaining a permit to work in Mauritius is an exciting opportunity, but it comes with certain health-related responsibilities. Ensuring that you meet the medical test requirements is a necessary step in the application process. By following these guidelines and undergoing the necessary tests, you can enjoy a safe and healthy stay while working in this picturesque island paradise.

Written by Simon Carletti, PR and Creative Supervisor

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