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Work Authorisation in Mauritius

Foreign nationals who wish to work in Mauritius require an Occupation Permit, or at least a Work Permit. 
These permits are legally required for foreign nationals to be employed in Mauritius and to ensure that they meet the necessary qualifications and requirements for the role.

Work Permits are typically issued for a shorter period of time (typically the duration of the employment contract) and do not automatically grant the holder the right to live in Mauritius. 
Holders of Work Permits must apply for a separate Residence Permit in order to live in the country.

Occupation Permits are combined work and residence permits that allow the holder to live and work in Mauritius for a period of up to 10 years. Occupation Permits are available to investors, professionals, and self-employed workers.

Why do you need a Work or Occupation Permit?

Legally speaking, foreign nationals require a Work Permit or Occupation Permit to be employed in Mauritius. These are considered “Work Visas” in Mauritius.
They exist as the Mauritian government wants to ensure that foreign nationals are qualified for the roles they are employed in and that they are not taking jobs away from Mauritian citizens.
Work and Occupation Permits also help to protect the rights of foreign workers in Mauritius.
For example, foreign workers with a valid Work or Occupation Permit are entitled to the same minimum wage and working conditions as Mauritian citizens.

Occupation Permits for Mauritius are processed by The Economic Development Board of Mauritius

Which Work or Occupation Permit is right for you?

The type of Work or Occupation Permit you need will depend on your individual circumstances. If you have a job offer from a Mauritian company or institution, you will need to apply for a Work Permit. If you are an investor, professional, or self-employed worker, you may be eligible for an Occupation Permit.

If you are unsure which type of Work or Occupation Permit you need, you should click the button below for a case assessment.

Self-employed Occupation Permit

Self-employed Occupation Permit

You can apply for a self-employed occupation permit if you work in the services sector and are registered with the Registrar of Businesses.

You must work exclusively for your account, and the business must remain a one-person operation. Furthermore, you must have a bank account in Mauritius with at least US$35 000 in it.

The self-employed occupation permit is issued for 10 years and is renewable, provided the business generates an income of at least MUR800 000 (aprox US$18,000) per year from the third year of registration.

This permit provides a route to Permanent Residence.

Professional Occupation Permit & Young Professional Occupation Permit

Professional Occupation Permit & Young Professional Occupation Permit

You need a Professional Occupation Permit or a Young Professional Occupation Permit if you already have an employment contract with a company in Mauritius.

You can apply for a Young Professional Occupation Permit if you’ve graduated from university or college in Mauritius and are employed by a company in Mauritius.

The Mauritius Professional Occupation Permit and Young Professional Occupation Permits are valid for up to three years, although it depends on the duration of the employment contract.

Short Term Occupation Permit

Short Term Occupation Permit

Short-term Occupation Permit
As the name implies, this Mauritius permit is for you if you’re only going to be in the country for a short period of employment.

The short-term and long-term occupation Mauritius permits require an employment contract with a local employer.
Additionally, there must be a detailed job description. This can be troublesome for pure contract work. However, you can apply to Mauritius Immigration for special permission even if you don’t have a local employer. Applications for special permission are generally granted.

Rules governing these Mauritius permits enable you switch your short-term permit to a long-term permit, provided you remain with the same employer.
Your employer needs notify the Economic Development Board’s CEO of the switch via a cancellation letter.

The short-term permit is valid for nine months.
However, you can extend it for an extra three months at the discretion of Mauritius Immigration.

Mauritius Work Permit Application Process Steps

Eligibility Factors

Professional Occupation Permit

Professionals must a basic monthly salary more than MUR60 000 (approx. US$1 800).
However – Tech workers, BPO professionals, and those working in pharmaceutical manufacturing and food processing should earn a monthly basic salary of at least MUR 30,000.

Professionals working who will be in Mauritius for less than one year must apply for a short-term occupation permit. Under this permit, professionals can live and work in Mauritius for up to nine months. Only one extension is allowed and it must not be more than three months.

Selp Employed Occupation Permit

A self-employed person is a non-citizen registered with the Registrar of Businesses under the Business Registration Act 2002.

They operate a one-person business, working exclusively for their own account.

They must initially transfer US$35 000 or an equivalent amount in foreign currency to their bank account in Mauritius.

The business should generate an annual income exceeding MUR1 600 000 in the first two years and MUR2 400 000 in the third year.

Mauritius Work Permit Requirements, Forms & Documentation

This section provides a comprehensive overview of the Eligibility and Documents required for both first applications and renewal applications.

It is important to note that this is just a general overview, and there may be additional requirements depending on your specific circumstances.

For more information, please contact one of our Mauritius Visa/Permit Consultants.

Eligibility Requirements for an Occupation Permit or Work Permit in Mauritius:

  • You must be between 20 and 60 years old. Exemptions may apply to certain professions.
  • You must work full-time for a company, business, or institution in Mauritius.
  • If you’re going to be employed by an international company based outside of Mauritius, that company must be registered as an international branch of a Mauritian company.
  • The company you plan to work for should apply for your work permit as a foreign employee.

Documents and forms you need to apply for the different types of Mauritius Work and Occupation Permits include the following:

Document Required 1st Application 2nd Application (Renewal)


BOI Registration
Application form for Occupation Permit
Signed Undertaking (by Employee/Applicant as well as Employer)
Processing fee (Office Cheque / Bank draft)

Personal documents

Passport details (Personal data page & last entry visa)
Full birth Certificate
Marriage certificate / Divorce Certificate
Four recent identical colour passport sized photographs
Original Academic/Professional Qualifications or true certified copies by competent authority
Curriculum Vitae
Medical Certificate (click for details)
Copy of Occupation Work/Residence Permit

Business/Work related Documents

Business Registration Card
Certificate of Incorporation
Permits/Licences (GBL, Tourism Enterprise Licence,TEC etc.)
Shareholding structure (consent of shareholder & director)
Brief on Company’s activities
Number of Foreign & Local employees
Contract of employment
Detailed job description

Mauritius Work Permit Costs and Fees

Your Mauritius immigration consultant will go through all the specific costs, fees and expenses accompanying the different types of work permits in Mauritius. Costs can run from MUS1000 per year for the first five years to MUR100 000 for a steward employed for a single racing season.

See the latest Official Cost sheet from the Economic Development Board (EDB) of Mauritius

If we consult you, we will ensure that our Mauritius Consultants will give you as precise an estimate as possible, considering a variety of circumstances.

For example, the fees differ from an all-in-one occupation permit, to applying for a work permit and residence visa individually.
In this way, you can properly budget for your Mauritian permit or visa application and renewal.

How to Apply for the Mauritius Work Permit


This document has been crafted to assist french speaking applicants in navigating the Mauritius Occupation and Work Permit application form. the original is in English.

A Work Permit for Mauritius must be applied for via the E-Work Permit Portal
An Occupation Permit for Mauritius however, must be applied for with the Mauritius Economic Development Board.

  1. The applicant must ensure all personal documents (except the Medical Certificate and medical results and the processing fees) are recorded as per the attached checklist.
  2. The applicant must also provide the completed Application Form and the signed and stamped Undertaking by the Employing Company in Mauritius.
  3. At this point, a Quality Check is important – this is to assess the strict compliance as well as coherence of each document that has been gathered.
  4. The prepared application should then be submitted to the Economic Development Board (EDB).
  5. Upon review by the EDB, if the EDB is satisfied with all the documents submitted, the EDB will issue a 90-day Approval in Principle to the applicant.
  6. The applicant will have 90 days from the day that the Approval in Principle has been issued to travel to Mauritius for an interview with the EDB.
  7. On the interview day with the EDB, if the EDB is satisfied with all the original documents submitted, the applicant should obtain their Mauritian work permit on the same day.


    The process for renewing a Work Permit or Occupation Permit is similar to the application process, but there are a few additional requirements:

  1. The applicant ensure that with previously submitted documents, their current Work Permit should be presented..
  2. The applicant must also provide a letter from their employer stating that they wish to renew their permit.
  3. You should then submit the renewal application to the EDB on behalf of the applicant.
  4. Applications for Work Permit should be submitted two months prior to the expiry of the current Work and Occupation Permit.

You will receive a notification issued automatically by the e-Work Permit System two months before the Work Permit expires reminding you to submit an application for renewal.

Before traveling to Mauritius

  1. The applicant must obtain a Tourist Visa (a Business Visa is recommended considering the context of your travel). IBN Immigration Solutions can remind the applicant and make the necessary arrangements with the Passport and Immigration Office.
  2. The applicant’s passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of their travel to Mauritius.
  3. The applicant must have a valid return ticket on arrival in Mauritius, for the Professional permit interview.

On arrival in Mauritius

  1. The applicant must make a copy of the arrival stamp issued by the Immigration Officer at the airport and recorded for safe keeping.
  2. The applicant must undergo all the required medical tests at a Medical Centre in Mauritius.
  3. The Medical Certificate must be completed and signed by a registered Medical Practitioner in Mauritius.

On the day of the interview with the EDB

  1. The applicant must provide the EDB with the Arrival stamp and the Medical Certificate and medical results by email.
  2. The applicant must bring all personal documents as per the attached checklist in original, plus one photocopy of each document.
  3. The applicant must have at least 15 days worth of valid visa on their passport at the time of the Interview.
  4. It is the applicant’s responsibility to verify the expiry of their business visa in Mauritius and whether it needs to be extended so as to meet the 15 days valid visa requirements as per the EDB.

Please note that this is just a summary of the application and renewal process. For more detailed information, please visit the website of the Economic Development Board of Mauritius.

Frequently Asked Questions

The processing time for an Occupation Permit or Work Permit application can vary depending on the complexity of the application.

However, most applications are processed within three months.

An Occupation Permit is a permit that allows a non-citizen to live and work in Mauritius for a period of up to three years.

A Work Permit is a permit that allows a non-citizen to work in Mauritius for a period of up to one year.

To be eligible for an Occupation Permit or Work Permit, you must:

  • Be a non-citizen of Mauritius
  • Be over the age of 18
  • Have a valid passport
  • Have a clear criminal record
  • Be in good health
  • Have a job offer from a registered Mauritian company

Yes, you can extend your Occupation Permit or Work Permit for up to one year. However, you must apply for the extension at least two months before the expiry of your current permit.

No, you aren’t allowed to engage in remunerated work activities on a business visa.
You are allowed to attend conferences, seminars, training, and meetings.

A Mauritius business visa can be issued for up to four months per calendar year.

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