Exploring Waiver Applications: Business Visas in South Africa

Exploring Waiver Applications for Business Visas in South Africa

When and How to Apply for a Waiver

For some people applying for the South African Business Visa, there exists a threshold which may seem daunting: the capital requirements. If meeting this criterion is challenging, then considering a waiver might be a viable option.

Waivers, in essence, are special permissions granted under specific circumstances by the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition that absolve an applicant from meeting visa requirements. You can only apply for a waiver once you have received a positive DTI recommendation, but before the official submission of the business visa application.

Industries Eligible for Capital Requirement Waivers

South Africa has demarcated certain sectors as high priority. These industries stand a higher chance of obtaining capital requirement waivers:

  • Renewable Energy: As the world shifts towards sustainable energy, South Africa too is incentivising businesses in this domain.
  • Information & Technology: Given the global demand for tech-based solutions, the nation is keen on fostering a robust IT sector.
  • Agro-processing: A significant contributor to South Africa’s GDP, businesses in this sector often find favour in waiver applications.
  • Advanced Manufacturing: This sector is deemed critical for the country’s long-term industrial growth.
  • Tourism: It is very important to the South African authorities that the Tourism Sector is grown.

While these industries may have an elevated probability, each waiver application is evaluated on its unique merits.

Documentation and Information Required for a Waiver Application

A waiver application includes:

  • Personal documents such as passport copy
  • Positive DTI recommendation
  • A motivational letter underlining the reasons for the waiver

Factors Affecting Waiver Processing Times

A waiver can either be submitted at the South African embassy abroad or while even while on a tourist visa in South Africa. Some embassies are sometimes not familiar with the waiver process and might show some resilience when you are trying to submit your waiver application.

All waivers submitted overseas are sent to Pretoria, South Africa, for processing.

In the past, processing times were 3-6 months. However, at recent times, we have seen processing times far exceeding this.


Navigating the business visa landscape in South Africa requires a well-informed strategy. It’s always important to seek expert advice, consider the industry of operation, and correctly prepare documents.

Written by Simon Carletti, PR and Creative Supervisor

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