We have received official communication from the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) that their current practice will change soon.

As of 16 September 2019, only qualification holders (applicants) will be able to follow up on their evaluation applications and SAQA will no longer entertain follow-ups from third parties (immigration agencies, attorneys or family members).

This comes as a big inconvenience for all applicants, however, IBN Immigration Solutions can still assist with preparing the actual evaluation application.

Preparation would include, translation of non-English documents, compiling the application, having the application delivered at the SAQA office as well as collecting the issued SAQA certificate. We will, however, rely on the applicant to follow up on the application process.

SAQA has made the decision to change practice for the following reasons:

– Protection of private details and direct communication between SAQA and applicants

– Simplified payment processes

– Easy and direct access by applicants to the electronic SAQA certificate of evaluation, as well as to future online products such as appeals and requests for corrections

– Simplification of related development initiatives by SAQA and

– Better integration across SAQA systems.

SAQA further confirmed that applications made by third parties on behalf of the applicants before 16 September 2019 will be accepted and concluded.

Written by: Andreas Krensel