Travelling in or out of South Africa? Start Preparing NOW.

If you are planning to travel in or out of South Africa, read this important update on the increase in processing times for long-term visas, due to the centralisation of long-term visa adjudication at the SA Department of Home Affairs.

The Critical Skills List South Africa 2022 Has Been Announced. What Now?

Read this important update on the newly-released Critical Skills List and how it could affect your Critical Skills Visa Application.

Why Should I Apply for Permanent Residence in South Africa?

Andreas Krensel and Hannah Mminele discuss the advantages and disadvantages of applying for permanent residence in South Africa.

SA Immigration – Introduce a Digital Nomad Visa, please!

Andreas Krensel discusses the Digital Nomad Visa and how introducing it in South Africa could have great benefits for our country.

Permanent Residence in South Africa – A German Immigration Story

Watch this video featuring our Talent Development Manager, Kristin Rasool, as she describes her personal immigration journey.

How to Deal with a Declaration of Undesirability in SA

Senior Consultant, Hannah Mminele, goes through the processes related avoiding or uplifting a declaration of undesirability.

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