From 10 to 12 February 2022, the sixth annual African Oil and Gas International Trade Exhibition will be held in Dar-es-Salaam, placing the African economic spotlight firmly on Tanzania.

The recent announcement of a new liquefied natural gas project proposed to start in 2023, with an estimated cost of $30 billion further brightens this light. This begs the question, how many other opportunities are there in the industry?

Eastern Africa is famous for its oil and gas industry. It is suggested that Tanzania has a total of 57 trillion cubic feet of untapped gas reserves that could generate many economic opportunities, and Oxford University led a study called “Mining for Change: Natural Resources and Industry in Africa”, with a specific investigation into Tanzania’s oil reserves.

If you are considering moving into this industry or sending some of your employees to investigate this opportunity, the Business Visa might be your solution.

The Tanzanian Business Visa can be obtained within a short time, as it generally takes three to six working days to process the visa from submission. However, this is dependent on restrictions.

Very little documentation is needed with assistance from IBN as merely the company documentation from Tanzania, along with your personal information will comprise your application. The company does not have to have an office in the country or pay your salary, only a legally registered client. Unfortunately, your spouse cannot accompany you on this visa but a tourist visa can be arranged for them to travel along with you.

While this visa is perfect for the oil and gas industry, any business category may make use of a business visa. This visa category exists within numerous African countries but each country’s requirements differ. Tanzania’s business visa is unique in the sense that one can gain it within a fairly short period, with fairly limited documentation needed.

If you would like to conduct business in Tanzania or think this visa might be the best option for you, CONTACT US, to inquire how we can provide Immigration Solutions catered to your needs!

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