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Egypt is a country that captures the imagination with its Pharaohs, Pyramids, mummies, and the Nile. It’s important from an economic perspective as it spans northeast Africa, with the Middle East and Europe just a stone’s throw away. Egypt has the second-largest economy in Africa and the 33rd-largest economy in the world.

This makes it an attractive option for businesses that want to take advantage of the variety of Egyptian visas available for commerce. Tourism is one of its biggest contributors to the GDP, as people flock to its many historic sites, including the Egyptian Museum, Ottoman landmarks, and famous markets.

Find out more about Egypt’s immigration and visas below.

Types of Visa in Egypt

Egypt has three types of visas and a Residence Authorisation.

Egypt Business Visitors Visa

Egypt Business Visitors Visa

Many foreign nationals travelling to Egypt are visa exempt, which means they obtain visas when they arrive at their port of entry.

Those who are not visa-exempt must apply for their visas at the Egyptian mission in their country of origin or permanent residence.

Business Visitors Visa Requirements

  • Applicants must have an HIV test, as the test results are mandatory for the work permit application.
  • The HIV test must be done in Egypt.
  • If applicants leave Egypt while the application is in process, they could be required to undergo another HIV test when they return to Egypt.
  • There is a quota system for the number of foreign nationals who can work and live in Egypt. The ratio is 9:1 (nine Egyptians for each foreign national).
  • Many personal documents must be translated into Arabic and legalised at an Egyptian mission abroad.
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Egypt Short-Term Work Permit

Egypt Short-Term Work Permit

There is no short-term work permit in Egypt.
All short-term work requirements follow the same steps as the long-term Work Permit process.

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Egypt Long-Term Work Permit

Egypt Long-Term Work Permit

According to Egyptian regulations, the number of foreign nationals employed cannot exceed 10% of the total workforce. Exceptions may be granted by the Ministry of Manpower and Immigration, as well as for those on the board of directors.

Long-term work authorisation comprises two types of entry visas; work visas and work permits.

The work permit is issued for a maximum of one year and can be renewed several times.

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Egypt Residence Authorisation Permit

Egypt Residence Authorisation Permit

After receiving the work visa submission receipt, you can apply for a residence permit/visa at the Ministry of Interior. The residence permit is issued for six months. If the final work permit is still pending, the residence authorisation will be renewed for another six months.

The processing time for the residence is around 30 days. After the endorsement of the residence permit, you can freely exit and re-enter Egypt while the permit is valid.

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Egypt Requirements, Forms & Documentation

Contact IBN, and we’ll assign a specialist in Egypt’s immigration procedures to oversee your case. Your specialist knows exactly what Egyptian visas and permits require and where to get the forms and documents necessary for all applications.

Specialists are critical because the different types of visas have other requirements regarding forms and documents. There are general requirements that apply to all visas, but some visas have specific requirements. The business visitor’s visa, for example.

Egypt Visa Costs

The different Egyptian permits and visas have other associated costs and fees.
Your Egyptian immigration specialist will tell you what expenses accompany your visa. Specialists are thorough, so you aren’t caught unawares by hidden fees.

How to Apply for an Egypt Visa

There are several steps and phases of the application process that you must bear in mind, including the following:

Place of submission

Egypt’s immigration landscape is fragmented, as there are multiple institutions involved. However, access to information is not as challenging as you might think, and the application process is relatively straightforward. Check with your Egyptian permit consultant for more details.

Processing time

The average processing time for Work Visa is 8 – 10 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accompanying spouses and minor children usually enter Egypt on tourist visas and then apply for residence permits. The residence permit will suffice for school-going children. There isn’t a need for a separate study visa or permit.

The renewal process for work and residence permits is practically the same as the initial application.

No, it doesn’t recognise life partners.

No, it doesn’t recognise same-sex marriages. Homosexuality is illegal. Applicants risk arrest and prosecution.

Once the position has been terminated or the assignment is complete, the Ministry of Manpower and Immigration should be notified by the Egyptian host company in writing

Yes, with the following requirements for endorsement and entry authorisation:

  • Visa-exempt countries: Visa obtained upon arrival.
  • Non-exempt countries: Visa must be obtained at the Egyptian Embassy in the applicant’s country of origin or permanent residence.
  • Validity: One month from the date of entry or endorsement.
  • Estimated processing time: Approximately 7 – 10 working days.
  • Yes, as the work visa application must be submitted while the visa is still valid

    There is only one type of work permit, namely the long-term or work authorisation permit.

    Submission: In Egypt
    Personal appearance is required, or Power of Attorney is to be provided.

    Estimated processing times:

    Receipt/Proof of Submission: Immediate
    Final Work Visa (previously): Approximately 1 – 2 months
    Final Work Visa (currently): Approximately 8 – 12 months
    Commencement of work activities: Upon issuance of work permit receipt

    You must apply for the permit in Egypt as soon as you obtain the work permit receipt. Your physical appearance is required, or you can assign Power of Attorney.

    Passport Retention: Yes, until the residence permit is issued and endorsed.
    Estimated processing time is nationality-dependent; for example, French nationals can expect to wait for ± 30 days.
    After endorsement: You can freely exit and re-enter Egypt throughout the validity period.

    We provide a full range of Egyptian immigration services. Thanks to our professional and trusted network of partners, we are always up to date on policy issues and the practical realities that govern immigration rules and regulations.

    We will first consult to determine which visa or permit is the correct one for you. We advise on the required forms and documentation and compile the complete application on your behalf. We help you save time gathering the documents needed to finalise your application.

    There is a great advantage in having a reliable local representative who will submit the application in Egypt and collect the documents for you.

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