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Applying for the Own Business/Freelancer Visa in Germany

One of the types of visas that allow foreign nationals to live and work in Germany is the Own Business/Freelancer visa. The German Own Business/Freelancer visa is unique among work permits. This is because it doesn’t require you to have an employment contract in place before you can immigrate to Germany.

Bear in mind, the application process is more complicated than many other work permits in Germany. You must start compiling all the documents and forms necessary as soon as possible to avoid delays.

German Own Business/Freelancer Visa Requirements, Forms & Documentation

Contact IBN Immigration Solutions and get an immigration consultant specialising in German visa applications. Your consultant will help you meet the qualifying requirements for the Freelancer/Own Business visa in Germany.

For example: 

You must submit a detailed business plan or concept when you apply. The plan must demonstrate that you can finance the implementation of your business. It must also show there is economic interest or regional demand for your product or service. Finally, it must show a strong chance that your activities will positively impact Germany’s economy.

You’re not required to have proof of business contacts in Germany, but it’s highly recommended.

Note: There isn’t a fixed minimum investment amount, but it’s possible that the region you’re targeting has specific guidelines. Your immigration consultant will assist you with this.

German Own Business/Freelancer Visa Costs

The costs for German Freelancer/Own Business visas vary on a case-by-case basis. Your immigration specialist will go through the different types of fees and expenses that apply to your application.

Our aim is to be as thorough and accurate as possible so that you can budget accordingly. To this end, we consider all miscellaneous fees, sundry expenses, and other financial requirements.

How to Apply for the German Own Business/Freelancer Visa

  • Your consultant will help you procure and prepare all the forms and supporting documents necessary to apply for a German Own Business/Freelancer visa. You’ll also benefit from guidance on what you need to include in your business plan or concept.
  • You must submit all visa applications through the German embassy or consulate general in your home country or country of residence.
  • German Freelancer/Own Business visa applications are subject to an assessment by the regional/local chamber of industry and commerce; Industrie und Handelskammer – IHK.
  • Upon approval, you’ll get a three-month visa. It’s imperative that you finish moving to Germany during this time.
  • When you arrive in Germany, you must register your residence at the local town hall. One of our trusted German partners will accompany you.
  • We’ll then arrange an appointment for you to apply for your final resident permit at the local foreigner’s authority. Again, one of our partners in Germany will accompany you.
  • Residence permits are usually approved at the appointment. Electronic residence cards are issued within four weeks.
  • Holding a residence card is beneficial if you want to immigrate to Germany at some stage.

Frequently Asked Questions

The German Own Business/Freelancer visa is valid for up to three years.

It’s renewable and can provide a path to permanent residence in Germany.

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