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The Long-Term Work Visa for Kenya is called a Work Permit

There are several types of long-term work visas(permits) in Kenya. They cater to just about any professional or business reason to work in the country.

The Kenyan Citizenship and Immigration Act of 2011 contains requirements, stipulations, and regulations regarding long-term work visas in the country. It applies to people who want gainful employment or voluntary service.

Types of long-term work visa in Kenya:

Class C: Registered professionals who want to immigrate to Kenya to work in their field.

Class D: People with a specific job offer from one particular employer. They must have skills or qualifications in demand in Kenya, and their employment must benefit Kenya.

Class F: People who want to engage in a specific type of manufacturing business in Kenya.

Class G: People who want to invest in a specific trade, business, consultancy, or profession.

Class I: Members of a Missionary Society, Companies Limited by Guarantee, and Trusts registered under the Trustees Act approved by the Government of Kenya. They must have a beneficial impact on the country.

Class M: Conventional Refugees.

Kenyan Long-Term Work Visa Requirements, Forms & Documentation:

What documents will I need to apply for a long-term Kenyan visa?

  • Certified copies of your passport, valid for at least six months
  • A copy of your CV
  • Certified copy of your highest degree/academic certificate
  • Two passport photos in colour
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Medical Report
  • Employment contract
  • Motivational letter from the employer
  • Relevant business/operating license
  • Company registration documents

Note: The Department of Immigration released a directive in 2018 stating that all work visa renewal applications must be accompanied by a tax compliance certificate from the employer and employee.


If an understudy has been appointed to help you with skills transfer, they must provide the following forms:
  • CV
  • Certified copy of their highest degree/academic certificate
  • Employment contract
  • Certified copy of their identification document
  • Relevant contact details

Compliance: Employer’s duties and responsibilities

  • Employers must keep all types of records pertaining to the employment of foreign nationals for two years after the termination of the employment contract.
  • The employer bears an assumption of guilt. If foreign nationals are found to conduct themselves as business employees but don’t have a valid work visa for that business, the employer and employee are guilty of an offence.

They could be fined up to 20,000 Kenyan Shillings or sentenced to one year in prison.

  • If convicted, foreign nationals will be deported.
  • Even if foreign nationals have applied for a Kenyan work visa, they can’t engage in work activities until the visa has been approved.
  • The fact that an application has been submitted is not a valid defense against the charges.

Contact IBN Immigration Solutions, and you’ll get a Kenyan immigration consultant or specialist to manage your case, from initial consultation to submitting Kenyan Work Visa applications on your behalf.

Your consultant will go over the forms you need and even help you obtain them if necessary. One of their primary tasks is to ensure applications meet all the requirements, so there are no delays with back-and-forth communication.

Kenya Long-Term Work Visa Costs and Fees:

Application fees for Kenyan vias differ according to duration and renewal.

Your Kenyan immigration specialist will determine the costs of your permit application, including direct and indirect expenses.

Your specialist will also advise you when payments are due.

How to Apply for the Kenya Long-Term Work Visa:

  1. Your first step is contacting your Kenyan immigration consultant to discuss the steps required to submit a Kenyan visa application.
  2. Your consultant will help you obtain and complete the necessary paperwork if needed. Once your application pack is finished, your consultant will submit it for an in-house quality check, following which it will be submitted to the relevant Kenyan immigration authority.
  3. Now, all you have to do is wait. Your consultant will give you an estimated processing time based on trends in the country. Currently, it takes two to six months to process applications. Your consultant will keep you appraised of the situation.
  4. Note: Applicants must wait outside Kenya until the long-term work visa is approved.
  5. You must pick up the visa(permit) in person at the relevant Immigration authority. Here you must also apply for an Alien ID Card.
  6. Your Kenyan visa will be endorsed after you’ve applied for the Alien ID Card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Long-term work visa renewals have the exact requirements as the initial application.
You can renew your Kenyan visa for an additional one to two years per application.

Note: You must pay the renewal fee before you receive your visa.

You can renew your work visa while in Kenya; there is no need to return to your home country or

Yes. You must de-register if you want to work for another company and apply for a new work visa.
You must return your Alien ID Card to the Directorate of Immigration Services if you’re leaving the country permanently and your Kenyan permit is still valid.
You must cancel your work visa and any dependent or study visa if you’re leaving Kenya well before the validity period.

Yes. A long-term work visa does provide a path for those who want to immigrate to Kenya permanently. Requirements include:
You must have held work visas for at least seven years.
You can only apply for permanent residence if you’ve lived in the country for three consecutive years.

Kenyan long-term work visas are valid for one year. You can renew your visa for a maximum of two years.

There are no restrictions on the number of times you can re-enter Kenya.

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