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Application for the Kenyan Short-Term Work Visa (Permit/Special-Pass) Starts Here

The Short-Term Work Visa in Kenya is a Work Permit, also known as a “Special Pass”

Obtaining a short-term work visa in Kenya is possible, provided you meet specific requirements, pay the associated fees, and trust your Kenyan immigration consultant.

It’s important to note that many visa types have different names in Kenya. For example, the short-term work visa in Kenya is called a Special Pass.

According to regulation 34 of the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Regulations Act, the visa is issued to:

  • People who want to apply for a review because their application to work in Kenya has been denied (within a limited time).
  • People who want to apply for a Kenyan work visa or special pass.
  • People who want to undergo special types of training or conduct business in Kenya for a short period.

Kenya Short-Term Work Visa Requirements, Forms & Documentation:

IBN Immigration Solutions will assign an immigration consultant specialising in Kenyan Visas(Permits) to oversee your application from start to finish. One of the first things your consultant will do is to go through all the forms and documents required to submit visa applications.

You can also download a copy of the Special Pass checklist to see exactly what the applications require and get an idea of the approval timeline.

Documents you need to apply for the Kenyan work visa include:

  • A completed and signed Form 32 – Special Pass Application.
  • A comprehensive cover letter for the attention of the Director of Immigration Services from the applicant (you) or the host organisation.
    • Two colour passport photographs.
    • A copy of the bio-data page of your passport.
    • Documents detailing your current immigration status, including copies of visas(permits) or passes held currently.
    • A copy of your employer’s Registration Certificate.
    • Certified copies of academic and professional certificates.
    • A copy of official acknowledgement if a Kenyan visa application is in progress.
    • Clearance letters from the relevant authorities.

    Note: Where applicable, all documents must be translated into English by a notary, the embassy, or an authorised institution.

  • Kenya Short-Term Work Visa Costs and Fees:

    Fees/Costs for the Kenyan Work Visa vary according to where you live.
    If you live outside East Africa, the cost is 15 050 Kenyan Shillings for one month or 45 050 Kenyan Shillings for three months.
    There is no cost for a short-term Kenyan work visa if you live in one of the East African member states.

    Note: Payment must be received within 30 days, or approval will be revoked.

    Your Kenyan immigration consultant will tell you about additional direct and indirect fees and expenses in the approval process.

    How to Apply for the Kenya Short-Term Work Visa:

    1. Your Kenyan immigration consultant will help you navigate the process and meet all the requirements.
    2. You must obtain the forms and supporting documentation necessary to apply for the Kenyan Short-Term Work Visa.
      Your consultant will assist you if you are struggling to get some of the forms or have difficulty completing them.
    3. Your Kenyan immigration consultant will help you compile an application pack, which they will send for an in-house quality check.
    4. Following the check, your consultant will submit the application to the relevant immigration authority in Kenya on your behalf.

    It takes approximately two weeks to approve work visa applications in Kenya.
    You must pay the government fees to receive your short-term work visa(Permit/Special Pass).

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The special pass is valid for 90 days. You can renew or extend your special pass up to three times for a total of nine months.

    Note: You must submit a work visa application before the second extension. The application must be approved; otherwise, you can’t extend the special pass.

    You’re only allowed to work for the employer or organisation specified in your application.
    You can’t work at a third-party site.

    You can’t add your dependents to your special pass. They must apply for tourist visas if they want to join you in Kenya.

    The permit duration is too short to provide a path to permanent residence.

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