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Do you want to take advantage of a promising investment opportunity in Namibia?
Namibia has a growing economy, making it a great place for budding and experienced investors.

Apply for an Investor permit, and you can establish a close corporation or invest in an existing company in Namibia and enjoy all of the benefits that operating a business in the country entails.

It’s important to apply for a Namibian permit as soon as possible because the process is complex, due to all the permissions required from various departments.

Contact IBN Immigration Solutions if you want more information on Namibia’s Investment Visa and Permit, including documentation requirements, costs, and the steps you need to take before you can apply for the Investment permit.

Our immigration specialists use a comprehensive process that encompasses everything pertaining to Namibia permits and visas. In fact, once your consultant has finished compiling your Namibian permit application pack, they send it for an in-house quality check to make doubly sure that you’ve met all the requirements to enter Namibia on an investor permit

Namibia Business Investment Visa Requirements, Forms & Documentation:

Four documents/forms need to be completed for any visa application in Namibia:

  • Completed Namibia Permit application forms.
  • A passport valid for at least six more months, with three blank pages.
  • Two current passport photos
  • Proof you’ve paid the Namibian permit application fee.

Requirements specific to the investor permit in Namibia:

  • Certified copy of your employment contract in Namibia.
  • Proof that employment advertisements were submitted to local papers at least three times.
  • Proof that your qualifications and work experience make you the best candidate for the position.
  • Medical certificate and radiological report that meets the requirements in Namibia.
  • Police clearance certificate from your country of origin or country (countries) of residence from the time you were 18 years of age.
  • Certified copies of training certificates and experience, university degrees, and trade qualifications.
  • Proof of registration with a professional association in Namibia, if required, and proof of registration with a trade union, if relevant.
  • Proof of Namibian Tax Registration, if applicable.
  • Certified copy of Status Investment Certificate, if applicable.

If you’re uncertain which specific forms you need for the investor permit, or are having trouble sourcing documents, contact us, and one of our Namibia immigration consultants will help you.

Business Investment Visa Costs:

It can be tricky to work out the total investor visa costs for several reasons; for example, there may be miscellaneous costs, such renewing your passport because it’s valid for only four more months and not the six months a Namibian permit requires.

It’s also possible that fluctuating exchange rates might affect the costs of Namibian visas.
Your Namibia immigration consultant will consider all of this information when calculating costs to give you an accurate estimate of what you can expect to pay for your Namibian permit.

How to Apply for a Namibia Business Investment Visa:

Applications for different Namibian visas have different processing times.
Work-related visa types often take a long time to go through the application process due to additional requirements, such as notorisation.

We encourage applicants to apply for work or investor visas in Namibia as soon as possible because you never know when a complication could crop up and delay the process. Investor Visa/Permit applications in Namibia are complicated due to document procurement, notarisation, and translation requirements.

Your Namibian immigration consultant is well-equipped to help you procure, notarise and translate your documentation and submit your application through our branch in Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia.

Note: Namibian visas for investors are usually issued for two years. However, the approval and duration of Namibian permits are entirely at the discretion of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration.

Frequently Asked Questions

The processing time once all documents have been submitted for the Investment Visa in Namibia is 5 weeks. The main applicant is given a 5-year work permit, tied to the company.

After seven years of retaining the investment and complying with all other requirements, the investor and their family can apply for Permanent Residence in Namibia. This is accessible with the Namibian Residency and Investor Visa

Foreign applicants may invest in a business in Namibia which also allows the applicant and their families to live in Namibia.

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