South Africa: Visa-Exemption Tool

Which passport-holders can enter South Africa without a Visa, for tourism?

Countries that are Visa-Exempt in South Africa

Welcome to IBN Immigration Solutions: We’re excited to introduce our new map tool that displays all the countries that are Visa Exempt in South Africa. This tool is designed to help visitors and tourists easily understand their visa requirements when travelling to South Africa.

If you’re an ordinary passport holder from any of the countries listed on the map, you are exempt from applying for a visitor/tourist visa when travelling to South Africa. Instead, you will be given a Visitor/Tourist Visa upon arrival at your chosen port of entry. However, some countries on the list require payment for this visa, while others do not.

It’s important to note that certain countries have restrictions on the length of stay that you’re allowed as a visa-exempt visitor. Some countries allow for a stay of up to 30 days, while others allow for a stay of up to 90 days. Additionally, some countries have an annual limit of 90 days per year for visa-exempt visitors.

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COUNTRY Ordinary Passport – Fees
Andorra (Principality of) 90 Days Yes
Angola (Republic of) 90 Days P/A Yes
Anguilla 90 Days Yes
Antigua and Barbuda 30 Days No
Argentina 90 Days No
Australia 90 Days Yes
Austria (Republic of) 90 Days Yes
Bahamas 30 Days Yes
Barbados 30 Days No
Belgium 90 Days Yes
Belize* 30 Days Yes
Benin (Republic of)* 30 Days Yes
Bermuda 90 Days No
Bolivia, Plurinational State of 30 Days No
Botswana 90 Days No
Brazil 90 Days No
British Antarctic Territory 90 Days Yes
British Indian Ocean Territory 90 Days Yes
British Virgin Island 90 Days No
Canada 90 Days Yes
Cape Verde 30 Days No
Cayman Islands 90 Days Yes
Chile 90 Days No
Costa Rica 30 Days No
Cyprus 30 Days No
Czech Republic 90 Days No
Denmark (Kingdom of) 90 Days Yes
Ducie and Oeno Islands 90 Days Yes
Ecuador 90 Days No
Falkland Islands 90 Days Yes
Finland (Republic of) 90 Days Yes
France (Republic of) 90 Days Yes
Gabon (Republic of)* 30 Days Yes
Germany (Federal Republic of) 90 Days Yes
Ghana 90 Days Yes
Gibraltar 90 Days Yes
Greece (Hellenic Republic of) 90 Days Yes
Guernsey 90 Days No
Guyana 30 Days No
Henderson 90 Days Yes
Hong Kong (SpecialAdministrative Region of China)* 30 Days Yes
Hungary 30 Days No
Iceland (Republic of) 90 Days Yes
Ireland 90 Days No
Isle of Man 90 Days No
Israel 90 Days No
Italy (Republic of) 90 Days Yes
Jamaica 90 Days Yes
Japan 90 Days Yes
Jersey 90 Days No
Jordan 30 Days No
Kenya (Republic of) 90 Days P/A  Yes
Kingdom of Eswatini (Swaziland) 30 Days No
Lesotho (Kingdom Of) 30 Days No
Liechtenstein 90 Days No
Luxembourg (Grand Duchy of) 90 Days Yes
Macau 30 Days No
Madagascar (Republic of) 90 Days P/A Yes
Malawi 30 Days No
Malaysia* 30 Days Yes
Maldives 30 Days No
Malta 90 Days No
Mauritius 30 Days No
Monaco (Principality of) 90 Days Yes
Montserrat 90 Days Yes
Mozambique (Republic of) 30 Days Yes
Namibia 90 Days P/A No
Netherlands (The Kingdom of) 90 Days Yes
New Zealand 90 Days Yes
Norway 90 Days Yes
Panama (Republic of) 90 Days Yes
Paraguay 90 Days No
Peru 30 Days No
Pitcairn Islands 90 Days Yes
Poland (Republic of) 30 Days Yes
Portugal (Republic of) 90 Days Yes
Qatar (State of) 90 Days Yes
Republic of Korea (South Korea)* 30 Days Yes
Russian Federation 90 Days Yes
Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha,Gough Island 90 Days Yes
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 90 Days No
San Marino (Republic of) 90 Days Yes
São Tomé and Príncipe (Democratic Republic of) 90 Days Yes
Saudi Arabia (Kingdom of) 90 Days Yes
Seychelles 90 Days P/A No
Singapore (Republic of) 90 Days Yes
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands 90 Days No
Spain (Kingdom of) 90 Days Yes
Sweden 90 Days No
Switzerland 90 Days No
Tanzania (United Republic of) 90 Days P/A Yes
Thailand (Kingdom of)* 30 Days Yes
Trinidad and Tobago (Republic of) 90 Days Yes
Tunisia (Republic of) 90 Days Yes
Turkey (Republic of)* 30 Days Yes
Turks and Caicos Islands 90 Days Yes
United Arab Emirates 90 Days Yes
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 90 Days No
United States of America 90 Days Yes
Uruguay 90 Days No
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) 90 Days Yes
Virgin Islands (British) 90 Days No
Zambia 90 Days P/A No
Zimbabwe 90 Days No

Frequently Asked Questions

Certain countries are Visa Exempt, meaning that they can enter South Africa without having prepared any Visa Application, prior to travelling.

Some of these countries must still pay for their Visitor/Tourist Visa upon arrival at their chosen port of entry.

Diplomatic, Official, Service and Special Passports have different durations of stay, some that do not include Visa Exemption.

The above Table only shows Normal/”Ordinary” Passports.

For more information on these, please find this information available on the Department of Home Affairs South Africa Website.