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Angola is on the west coast of southern Africa, just above Namibia. It has a gorgeous coastline, abundant rivers, and the sub-Saharan desert as natural attractions. As far as the economy is concerned, Angola is the second largest oil producer in sub–Saharan Africa. Oil accounts for 90% of the country’s total exports and more than 40% of the country’s GDP.

As a result, Angola’s economy is highly dependent on the oil and gas sector, with a high ratio of US-owned companies playing a role. The sector employs the most expatriates, so those with skills in the industry have a good chance that their applications will be approved.

Types of Angolan Visas

There are six types of Angolan Visas

Angola Business Visitors Visa

Angola Business Visitors Visa

The business visitor visa is for those coming to Angola for their holidays or to attend conferences, business meetings, and charitable or religious events.

It’s issued for family, cultural, scientific, business, and tourist reasons and must be used within 60 days after approval. The visa can be issued for single or multiple entries.

Note: When applying for this Angolan visa, it’s important to specify that a multiple-entry visa is required; otherwise, a single-entry visa will be allocated by default.

The visa is valid for up to 90 days but only allows the applicant to stay for 30 days at a time.

Note: Any paid employment is prohibited on an ordinary Angolan visa. Strict adherence is

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Angola Short-Term Work Authorisation Visa

Angola Short-Term Work Authorisation Visa

There are two types of short-term work visas in Angola.

Short-Term Visa: Getting permission to carry out paid employment for urgent, short visits to Angola is possible. This single-entry visa is valid for seven days.

Sector-Specific Short-Term Visa: A local legal body governing the applicable sector can authorise you to carry out paid employment. The exact requirements are unavailable.

However, it’s crucial that the host company clearly indicates that no one local can perform the duties; therefore, it must go to a foreign national.

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Angola Work Authorisation Visa

Angola Work Authorisation Visa

You can undertake paid employment within the governing legal framework in Angola. The framework for work visas is specific.

There are six types:

  • Type A: When working for an institution or public company
  • Type B: When working independently, as a service provider, or to perform activities related to sport or culture
  • Type C: When working in the oil, mining, and building sectors
  • Type D: When working in the commerce, industry, fishing, sea, and aeronautical sectors
  • Type E: When working integrated on cooperation agreements
  • Type F: When working in any sector not foreseen in the types listed above
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Angola Dependant Visa

Angola Dependant Visa

The primary visa holder’s dependents (spouse and minor children) can also go to Angola, based on the primary holder’s status. The visa granted isn’t called an accompanying spouse visa but is referred to as a temporary stay visa.

Dependents with a temporary stay visa who are married to an Angolan citizen or are in Angola with a residence permit holder are allowed to work in the country. Separate work authorisation isn’t required.


Temporary stay visa: For humanitarian reasons or to accompany other visa holders.

Accompanying spouse visa: The primary applicant’s spouse can accompany the applicant based on the relationship.

  • Life partnership: Angola doesn’t recognise life partnerships. The couple must either get married, or the partner must qualify for a visa independently.
  • Same-sex partnership: Angola doesn’t recognise same-sex marriage. Same-sex couples don’t qualify for an accompanying spouse visa. The partner must be eligible for a visa independently.
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Angola Study Visa

Angola Study Visa

Study visas in Angola are required for all levels of education. School-going minors accompanying their parents to Angola must obtain a study visa.

The visa is issued for one year and can be extended for the duration of study.

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Angola Privileged Visa

Angola Privileged Visa

The privileged visa is essentially an investor’s visa. It’s issued to people who have met the financial requirements and been approved to implement a PIL-incentivised investment.

‘Privileged’ in this context does not refer to the applicant but rather the investment they intend to make and the treatment received as a consequence. Because the investment is expected to benefit Angola as a country, the investor is treated favourably.

    There are four types of privileged visas, depending on the amount invested in the country:

    Type A: If the investment is greater than US$50 million.

    Type B: If the investment is between US$5 million and US$50 million.

    Type C: If the investment is between US$5 million and US$15 million.

    Type D: If the investment is at least US$5 million.

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Angola Permanent Residence Options

Angola Permanent Residence Options

There hasn’t been a specific legal framework for permanent residence applications for foreigners intending to live in Angola permanently.

Applications are based on merit and, most importantly, monetary value, which is the person’s ability to support themselves financially.

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Angola Visa Requirements, Forms & Documentation

Some requirements apply no matter what visa you’re applying for, but others, like work visas, have specific requirements that must be met for applications to be successful.

Contact us, and we’ll assign a specialist in Angolan immigration to oversee your case. Your specialist will help you navigate the application process, including acquiring and completing the required forms.

General Requirements

  • A valid passport
  • with at least six months left before the entry date
  • Onward ticket (return ticket or ticket to elsewhere)
  • Hotel reservation or invitation letter (if visiting family or friends)
  • International yellow fever certificate
  • Proof of livelihood (means of financial support)
  • Clear front-facing photo

Work Visa Requirements

  • A motivation letter in Portuguese and signed by the host company in Angola, which explains why a foreigner is required to fill the vacancy and confirms that no Angolan nationals were available for the position. It isn’t compulsory to advertise the position locally and submit the CVs of unsuccessful applicants to prove the case, but it might strengthen the application.
  • Company registration documents.
  • A positive evaluation from the Ministry of Labour. This letter confirms that the Ministry of Labour has no objection to the foreigner filling the vacancy. It must be obtained locally by the host company in Angola.
  • Similar documents for the entire application will be required. Most importantly, documents to establish the applicant’s profile, such as a CV, tertiary qualification, transcripts, and reference letters elaborating on the applicant’s skills, along with the potential employer’s motivation, should be included.
  • Medical certificates (this is required in one form or another in all countries). A medical certificate declaring the applicant’s HIV/AIDS status is also required
  • Angola Visa Costs

    Your Angolan immigration consultant will help you determine exactly what costs are applicable and when they are due.

    Your consultant will be as thorough as possible to ensure you aren’t caught unawares by hidden fees and expenses.

    How to Apply for a Visa in Angola

    There are various factors, steps, and phases involved in the application approval process, for instance:

    Place of submission: Visa applications must be filed with the relevant Angolan mission in the applicant’s home country.

    Note: Specific requirements may be determined per mission. It’s advisable first to visit the mission and request the application forms and checklists applicable to your visa before you begin to apply.

    Approval turnaround time: Processing applications for an ordinary Angolan visa usually takes around eight working days. Short-term visas are issued within two working days.

    Long-term work permits, privileged visas, and related temporary stay visas are supposed to be issued within two to three months. However, it often takes longer than that.

    Which government bodies are involved? The Angolan Immigration Service (SME) is involved as all visa applications are referred to the department by the missions before any Angolan visas are issued.

    The ministry overseeing the company’s relevant sector (for example, mining) is also
    involved as it must authorise or recommend hiring a foreign national before the work visa application can be accepted.

    The National Private Investment Agency (ANIP) is involved with applications for privileged
    visas, as it must issue a recommendation regarding the investment and business plan.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    No. You cannot obtain any type of visa at a port of entry in Angola. You need to apply PRIOR to leaving for Angola well in advance, as obtaining a visa can easily take several weeks.

    The validity period must be six months, although nine months is preferable. Alternatively, check with the Angolan immigration representative in your country of residence

    Yes and no. They are both referred to as ordinary visas and are both short-stay visas that are allocated for 30 days. However, you must specify if you want a tourism or business visa when you apply. The ordinary Angolan visa is renewable twice for two equal periods of 30 days.

    Yes. The ordinary visa must be used to enter Angola within 60 days from the date of issuance and is valid for single or multiple entries.

    No, you can neither work nor study on an ordinary Angolan visa. It doesn’t allow its holder to establish residence or engage in a paid activity

    No, you are the only nationality that does NOT require a visa to enter Angola.

    You can get a short-stay visa, which is valid for seven days. It’s renewable once for an additional seven days. This is for urgent missions only, and the Consular Section will determine the urgency of the matter. It usually takes three days for this visa to be issued, and you must enter Angola within 72 hours.

    Apart from the short-stay visa, there is only one type of work visa, the long-term work visa, which is valid for one year and can be extended for equal periods up to the total duration of the employment contract. The main points are:

    Issued for 12 months at a time and can be extended for equal periods up to the term of the work contract.

    In theory, the Consulate section is supposed to take 60 days to process the work visa; in practise, expect to wait four – 5 months.

    Not in general, but if you work in the oil and gas sector, you can enter Angola on a short-stay visa initially, and your sponsor or Angolan employer can file a temporary work visa application for you with the Ministry of Petroleum in Luanda, Angola.

    Be aware that the processes and requirements vary according to numerous factors, such as the labour market at the time of the application, your nationality, the country where you apply from, and your family situation, etc.

    Work permit holders can’t apply for permanent residence in Angola. Work permits are temporary and only allow applicants to work and live in Angola for up to three years. If the intention is to reside permanently in Angola, it’s necessary to apply for a residence visa before entering the country. Residence visas also allow applicants to work in Angola.

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