Nigeria Reopens its Borders for International Travel

The Nigerian Federal Government has announced that it will reopen its airports for international travel from 29 August 2020.

All individuals travelling to Nigeria, should note the following, which has been implemented with immediate effect:

  • Covid-19 test must have been undertaken within 2 weeks of departure but it is preferable to do so no more than 5 days prior to boarding;
  • Travellers will be given an appointment to attend the Sample Collection Centre for another Covid-19 test, which test will be done within 72 hours after arrival;
  • Passports must be handed over to the Nigeria Immigration Service for a period of 2 weeks, pending Covid-19 test results (excluding diplomats); and
  • Self-isolation must be undertaken for 14 days, within the city/state of point of entry.

Significant changes for the immigration laws in Mauritius:

The minimum annual bank transfer to be made to Mauritius has decreased from USD 30,000 annually to USD 18,000 annually with the minimum transfer over 3 years being USD 54,000.

In addition to that, the other change concerns the 10 year residence permit – after the initial 3-years on the Retired Permit where a minimum of USD 54,000 has been transferred to Mauritius, the person on the retired permit will be entitled to apply for the 10-year residence permit. This might change into a 20 year residence permit.

Ghana to Reopen Borders for International Travel

On 16 August 2020, the President of Ghana indicated that the international airport will open on 1 September.

The relevant authorities, including the Ministry of Aviation, Ghana Civil Aviation Authority and Ghana Airports Company will be putting various protocols in place to ensure that travellers are tested for Covid-19.

At this stage, it is uncertain whether in addition to the Covid-19 test upon arrival, a prior test (before departure to Ghana) will also be required.


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By Bianca Nicholls