Migration Mozambique Goes Online

Migration Mozambique Goes Online


Last updated 6 December 2022

The Mozambican President has officially launched the evisa.gov.mz platform. It will assist with pre-approval of certain visas, and ease the application process.

Government Creates eVisa Portal

There is exciting news, Mozambique has announced the development of an eVisa platform, built from scratch by the Mozambique Government. This news comes from Deputy Finance Minister, Amilcar Tivane, during a meeting held at the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

This is great news for tourists wishing to experience kilometres of beaches and beautiful scenery, and business officials looking for an opportunity in one of Africa’s growing economies.

The Mozambiquan government hopes that these positive changes to their immigration system will bring more tourism and economic growth to the country.

An Update from Previous Procedure

Most foreign citizens need a visa for Mozambique, as there are currently only a few visa-exempt nationalities for the country, of which South Africa is one. Currently, people wishing to travel to Mozambique must obtain a visa from an embassy in their current country of residence before travel.

This process can often be delayed, with wait times for a visa approval averaging 4 to 6 weeks. During Covid-19, even further delays were to be expected, and Mozambique had many requirements and specific border formalities regarding entry.

When will the eVisa Portal be Operational?

The expectation is that the portal will be ready by end of October 2022.

Which Visas May be Obtained via the eVisa Portal?

Foreigners will be able to use the web portal to obtain pre-approval of their visas. The visas provided are for tourism and business visa only.

The business visa is valid for 90 days and one may remain for the full 90 days in-country; in the past the maximum period was 30 days at a time.

The business visa is for meetings, conferences, workshops, research, and exploring business opportunities.

Please note that the business visa is not a work visa and will not provide the applicant with the authorization to work.

What will the eVisa Process Be?

When the portal is released, applicants may apply online on the eVisa portal, providing the required documents. They can then expect an email back within 5 working days, either denying their application, or providing them with a confirmation of approval email.

This confirmation of approval is then to be presented by the applicant when arriving in Mozambique. After being verified and processed by Migration, the applicant then settles any payments required and receives their tourist or business visa.

How IBN Immigration Solutions Can Help you

IBN Immigration Solutions has a dedicated office and team of Immigration Consultants in Mozambique, ready to assist you with any needs or queries you may have, and any Mozambique immigration services. They are familiar with all the requirements for applications, possible red-flags, and hold-ups with the government’s immigration department, meaning that you’ll be in safe hands. We also manage corporate immigration services to Mozambique and have helped many satisfied customers in the past.

Make your immigration journey an easy one; reach out to our Mozambique branch today and speak to one of our immigration lawyers for help with immigration into Mozambique!

Written by Simon Carletti

Edited by Karin Burgman

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