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The Republic of Mozambique in South-Eastern Africa is one of the most visually striking countries in Africa, with its gorgeous beaches, rich cultural heritage, and plentiful natural resources. Mozambique enjoys a hot, tropical climate with a cold, dry season from April to September and a hot, rainy season from October to March.

Due to historical colonial influences, Mozambique’s official language is Portuguese. Tourism, mining, transport, and agriculture drive the economy.

Malaria and yellow fever are serious concerns when travelling to Mozambique. Ensure you take the necessary safety precautions, including medication and vaccinations, before entering the country.

Mozambique’s immigration system is different from other countries. You need to apply for a visa in the province that you want to stay in or where you’ll work instead of applying at the national embassy.

Furthermore, you need an entry visa and work permit if you want to work or study in Mozambique. Processing Mozambique visa applications is quick but also very complicated.

Fortunately, IBN has specialists in Mozambique visas and permits who can help you with the whole process.

Contact us, and we’ll assign a Mozambique immigration specialist to support you through the application process.

Types of Mozambique Permits and Visas

There are 11 types of Mozambique visas, each with specific requirements, costs, and processing times. After a consultation, your immigration specialist will tell you exactly which visa suits your unique circumstances.

Mozambique Tourist Visa

Mozambique Tourist Visa

South Africans and holders of passports from other visa-exempt countries can enter Mozambique on a tourist visa, which is issued at the port of entry. Pre-arrangements do not need to be made for Mozambique tourist visas. The visa is valid for 30 days per stay but not for more than 90 days in one year.

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Mozambique Work Permits

Mozambique Work Permits

Mozambique Work Permits are issued for 30 days and must be converted to residence authorisation once you’re in Mozambique.
It gives you the right to live in Mozambique on a valid work permit.

There are two Mozambique Work Permits:

  • Mozambique Short-Term Work Permit
  • Mozambique Long-Term Work Permit
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Mozambique Study/Student Visa

Mozambique Study/Student Visa

This permit is for those who want to attend or undergo any training or education in Mozambique.
You must study at an officially recognised educational institution.

The student visa is valid for 12 months and may be extended for another 12 months.
You aren’t allowed to work while in Mozambique on a student visa.

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Mozambique Business Visa

Mozambique Business Visa

Mozambique business visas are issued for 90 days, but each stay may not exceed 30 days. A business visa covers the following activities: business prospecting, attending meetings or seminars, and receiving training. You may not provide training on a business visa, especially if it is considered part of your day-to-day work activities.

The requirements for a business visa include the following:

  • An invitation letter from a company in Mozambique
  • Company documents from your employer in Mozambique
  • Proof of accommodation (hotel reservation) for your stay in Mozambique

You must apply for a business visa at the relevant Mozambican mission.

You can’t change from a business visa to a long-term work permit from within Mozambique.

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Mozambique Investment Visa

Mozambique Investment Visa

This is the most suitable Mozambican visa for investors and entrepreneurs who want to start or invest in a business in Mozambique.
A Mozambique investment visa is valid for up to two years.

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Mozambique Accompanying Spouse/Dependants Visa

Mozambique Accompanying Spouse/Dependants Visa

The primary work permit holder’s spouse can apply for a residence permit in Mozambique at the same time as the main applicant.

Life partnerships are recognised in Mozambique for immigration purposes. In most cases living together and sharing financial responsibilities are sufficient to enable life partners to accompany the main applicant to Mozambique.

Note: Same-sex marriage is not recognised in Mozambique.

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Mozambique Temporary Residence Permit

Mozambique Temporary Residence Permit

If your visa or permit allows you to stay in Mozambique for more than three months, you must apply for a separate temporary residence permit.

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Mozambique Permanent Residence Permit

Mozambique Permanent Residence Permit

The first type of residence authorisation one can obtain in Mozambique is a precarious residence authorisation. You can obtain temporary residence authorisation after five consecutive renewals of a precarious residence authorisation.

You can obtain permanent residence after ten consecutive renewals. Permanent residence visas are valid for five years and renewable for equal periods. Permanent residence in Mozambique is thus not permanent.

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Mozambique Residence Permit by Investment

Mozambique Residence Permit by Investment

An approved investment project in Mozambique may provide a more favourable quota for work permit purposes. Investors can hire themselves immediately, be within quota, and obtain their residence permit.

Separate, clear-cut requirements for investors in Mozambique are not included in the legislation. This permit is awarded for the purpose of implementing investment projects to the amount of US$500,000 or more.

The overall business plan must clearly benefit Mozambique and its development. Investments in specific sectors may ensure less stringent procedures for residence permit applications.

Communication between the investor and the Investment Promotion Centre (IPC) can be channelled to make a strong case with the Department of Labour and Mozambique immigration authorities for a more flexible adjudication phase.

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Mozambique Permit and Visa Requirements, Forms and Documentation

The requirements and forms necessary to apply for Mozambican visas vary depending on the type of visa. Your Mozambican immigration specialist will explain the requirements to you and ensure you acquire the correct forms and documents for your specific visa.

Furthermore, your specialist will help you complete the forms correctly to ensure the application process proceeds smoothly and you don’t have to go back and forth fulfilling requirements as they arise.

Some general documents apply to all visa applications in Mozambique. These include the following

  • Duly completed and signed Mozambique visa or permit application form
  • A valid passport with at least six months remaining.
  • Your passport must contain three blank pages
  • Two current passport photos
  • Proof of paid application fees

Mozambique Permit and Visa Costs

The costs for a Mozambican visa differ due to your country of origin, where you apply for the visa, the type of visa, and how long the visa must be valid.

The cheapest visa is the tourist visa, which those from non-visa-exempt countries need if they want to go on a vacation in Mozambique.

This is apart from the Mozambican transit visa.

The most expensive visas are work and residence visas. The costs for these visas can differ between R750 and R5000.

Your Mozambican visa specialist will provide a breakdown of the fees and expenses applicable to your visa. The breakdown is as comprehensive as possible to ensure you aren’t caught out by hidden fees and costs.

How to Apply for Mozambique Permits and Visas

Applications for the different types of Mozambican visas are similar, but each has specific steps that need to be followed. You and your immigration specialist have already done considerable work on your visa application, but there are a few more steps you need to follow.

  • Compile all the documentation to enable us to pre-complete the application on your behalf.
  • Visa applications go through an in-house quality check to ensure its correctly completed and meets all the specific requirements.
  • Submit the application at the embassy or VFS (Visa Facilitation Service) Centre in your country of origin or long-term residence.

Note: This applies if you are from a visa-restricted country.

The last step in the process is to wait for your visa to be approved. Your Mozambican immigration consultant will be able to provide you with an estimated time based on the current processing trends in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tourist Visa

The general principle is that if you are not a Mozambican citizen or from a visa-exempt country (listed below), you must apply for a visa before entering the country. Please note that all visas are valid for a maximum of 30 days. The visa categories are:

  1. Visa-exempt: Citizens of the following countries do NOT require a visa if the purpose of the visit is tourism: Botswana; Malawi; Mauritius; South Africa; Swaziland; Tanzania; Zambia; Angola; and Zimbabwe.
  2. Border Visa: Granted for foreigners coming from countries where there is no Mozambican consular representation. The foreign national will obtain a visa on arrival, subject to a fee payable at any Mozambican border control.
  3. Visa obtained at the Mozambique embassy or consulate abroad: For countries with a Mozambican consular representation, the foreign national is required to submit a visa application prior to travel to Mozambique. Please check the requirements with the Mozambican authorities in your country of residence.

We have seen, in practice, that the Border Visa can also be obtained by foreigners from countries that have a Mozambican consular representation. Please check with your Mozambican visa specialist before you travel.

Your Mozambican visa category will depend on your purpose in the country.

Note: Apart from the visa obtained at the Mozambique mission abroad, foreign nationals who want to work legally in the country must also apply for work authorisation, which is referred to here as a short or long-term work permit. Work visas can only be obtained after work authorisation approval.

  1. Business Visa: Apply at the Mozambican embassy or consulate abroad. This is for the sole purpose of business, meaning business meetings and business prospecting. This multi-entry visa is valid for a maximum of 90 days.
  2. Work Visa: Apply at the Mozambican embassy or consulate abroad for work purposes. This visa is valid for 30 days and can be extended at the Mozambican Department of Immigration in the province where you will work for the duration of the project, as per the work authorisation.

To apply for a work permit in Mozambique, you are required to have a locally registered entity acting as the “inviting company”.

Short-term work permit: Apply at the Ministry of Labor in Mozambique in the province where you’re going to develop your activity. This permit is valid for periods not longer than 90 consecutive or interspersed days within a year.

For applicants working in the extractive industry in Mozambique, including mining and oil and gas, a short-term work permit is valid for 180 consecutive or interspersed days within a year.

You must apply for short-term work permits or work authorisation before you enter Mozambique. The duration of the permit cannot exceed 90 days. However, the application approval is at the discretion of the Ministry of Labour. Processing time once the application is submitted is 15-20 days.

Note: After receiving your work permit, you must apply for a work visa. Only after you have obtained the permit and visa are you allowed to enter Mozambique for work purposes.

To apply for a work permit in Mozambique, you must have a locally registered entity acting as the “inviting company”.

Long-term work permit: Apply at the Ministry of Labour in the province where you will work. The permit is valid for a maximum of two years, but it’s possible to get an extension.

The long-term work permit is defined by an In quota and Off quota regime. In this instance, the number of Mozambican workers on the payroll is considered.

Considering the classification of the company, employers can employ foreign nationals in accordance with the following quotas:

  1. Ten per cent of the total workforce for small-sized companies (one to ten employees).
  2. Eight per cent of the total workforce for medium-sized companies (11 to 100 employees)
  3. Five per cent of the total workforce for large companies (more than one hundred employees)

If the quota has been exceeded, you may apply for the work permit off quota. You’ll need an authorisation letter from the Ministry overseeing your sector of operations.

After you’ve got all the required documents, you can submit your application to the Ministry of Labour in the Mozambican province where you will work.

The processing time is 1-3 months.

Note: After receiving your work permit, you must apply for a work visa. Only after you have obtained the permit and visa are you allowed to enter Mozambique for work purposes.

Spouses and minors of work permit holders can apply to accompany the main applicant.

Spouses and minors of work permit holders can apply to accompany the main applicant.

Spouses: Spouses and life partners may accompany the main applicant. Life partners must prove a common law of union has existed for at least one year (cohabiting). Mozambique does not recognise same-sex couples. Accompanying spouses and partners may not work on this permit.

Minors: Children under the age of 18 who are of school-going age may accompany their parents on accompanying visas. No study visa is required for the primary and high school levels.

A study visa is required for all foreign nationals who want to study further after high school.

We provide a full range of Mozambican immigration services. With our professional and trusted network of partners, we are always up to date on policy issues and the practical reality that governs immigration rules and regulations.

We will first consult to determine which visa or permit is the correct one for you. We advise on the required documentation and compile the complete application on your behalf. We will help you save time gathering the required documents to finalise your application.

There is a great advantage in having a reliable local representative who will submit the application in Mozambique and collect the resulting documents on your behalf.

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