Namibia Introduces New Digital Nomad Visa

Namibia Introduces New Digital Nomad Visa

The requirements for the new Namibian Digital Nomad Visa have been released.

Trailblazing Southern Africa

Namibia has introduced a Digital Nomad Visa! This puts Namibia a big step ahead of its neighbour, South Africa, who have planned for a South African Digital Nomad Visa for over 2 years, but no results yet.

Namibia’s new Digital Nomad Visa will last for 6 months and proves an attractive alternative to the European alternatives that already exist.

Who can Travel on the Digital Nomad Visa?            

Namibia has stated the visa will allow you to come with your family, which is not always the case with other Digital Nomad Visas, making Namibia’s new addition an attractive one!

What are the Requirements for the Digital Nomad Visa?

You must earn more than $2000USD per month as the dependent, the accompanying spouse must earn $1,000USD per month, and per child it’s $500USD per month. Thus, for a typical family of four, earnings of $4000USD per month are required. This money needs to come from income, payslips, employment contracts, etc. It cannot just be from savings.

Namibia also requires 6 months of bank statements. The requirement for bank statements is standard, however 6 months is a bit longer than the norm.

They need a motivation letter from the applicant’s employer, which again is not a typical requirement for other Digital Nomad Visas.

The applicant must also provide copies of their qualifications, and a police clearance certificate from their country of origin.

The final requirement, commonplace for such visas, is medical insurance. This can be covered by travel insurance for the 6-month visit, or standard medical insurance in Namibia. In addition to this, the applicant must provide a medical certificate and a radiological report.

One requirement that has not proved clear is a motivational letter from the Namibian Investment Board. It is not yet known how to obtain this letter. We at IBN Immigration Solutions have already begun enquiries and will update you all in due course.

This list of requirements is quite dense compared to other countries, and it’s worth noting that many of these requirements come straight from the same Short-Term Visa requirements in Namibia. The number of requirements is also quite a big ask for a 6-month stay.

Will the Digital Nomad Visa be Successful?

We are confident that the new visa will attract many members from our international audience to this incredible, beautiful, and adventurous country. We encourage anyone considering a Digital Nomad Visa to keep Namibia in mind, as it offers so many unique experiences as an African country compared to the usual European offerings.

Namibia has done a fantastic job using immigration to attract international investment and interested parties, which is exactly what a good immigration system should do.

Let IBN Immigration Solutions Help You

IBN Immigration Solutions has a dedicated office and team of Immigration Consultants in Namibia, ready to assist you with any needs or queries you may have. They are familiar with all the requirements for applications, possible red-flags, and hold-ups with the government’s immigration department, meaning that you’ll be in safe hands.

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Written by Andreas Krensel

Edited by Simon Carletti

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