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Namibia is a country in South Western Africa, bordered in the south by South Africa, in the east by Botswana and in the north by Angola.

Namibia’s capital is Windhoek and the country’s total population is just over 2 million. Although English is the sole official language, German and Afrikaans are also widely spoken due to the period of colonial occupation by the Germans and also Afrikaaners.

Agriculture, Tourism and Mining are the foundation of Namibia’s economy which experienced an average 5.2% GDP growth over the last 5 years.
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  • Business visa
  • Short term work visa (90 days)
  • Long term work permit
  • Study permit
  • Accompanying permit
  • Tourist/holiday visa
  • Investors permit / self employed
People who visit Namibia of a business nature. For example: to attend corporate meetings, seminars, conferences. Business visas do not apply in any way to people conducting any type of work or form of employment, be it directly or indirectly (consultants, subcontractors and such).

A business visa is usually issued upon arrival at the border to South Africa nationals when the traveller shows proof in the form of a letter/s from the company/ies confirming the business trip.

Such visa is intended for a short period of time and may be applied for while the applicant is outside of Namibia. Such visa is valid for 90 days and may be extended once more.
It is important that the applicant has a higher qualification than a Matriculation certificate and in line of their occupation as Home Affairs insists on this.

Once the visa has been approved, a letter (called annexure J) will be scanned and emailed to the applicant. At the point of entry the applicant will enter Namibia, the approval of the short term work visa must be shown to the border control official (Annexure J is shown to the Immigration Officer), who will then duly endorse the same into the applicant’s passport.

A work permit is an authorization granted to foreigners to work specifying the length of time allocated for the specific activity and description of persons authorized to be employed. The permit specifies the employer, which will be employing the foreign national and the professional occupation, which this foreign national will be taking in the territory during the period authorized by the permit.

It is important to point out that for such visa an advertisement must be placed in a local Namibian newspaper. It is imperative that the employer proves to Home Affairs a diligent search has been made to seek a local national to do the job, thus the motivation needs to be strong. The local Namibian entity will be required to provide quite few information such as an employment contract, social security etc.

  • A Short Term Work Visa issued for 3 months and may be extended once.
  • Long-term work permits must be applied for by individuals who wish to work in Namibia for 7 months or longer. Long-term work permits are issued for 1 and 2 years which is also extendable.
The processing time is approximately 14 working days + 3 days to endorse the visa into the
Passport for a Short Term Work Visa,

The processing time for a long-term work permit is approximately 3 to 4 months and it can be allocated for 1 or 2 years, depending on your contract of employment

An investor’s/self-employed work permit can be issued to applicants who want to establish a business or to invest in a Namibian company. This is a complex process due to the numerous permissions to be obtained from various departments.

Obtaining an investor permit for Namibia is a multi-step process. Firstly, the investor must obtain the necessary permissions and registrations to be able to make the investment. Secondly, an application for a work permit/self-employed permit will be made.
The duration of the permit – generally 2 years – remains at the discretion of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration.

Study permits are for foreigners who wish to study in Namibia; it applies to basic education as well as tertiary and higher education. In Namibia the Department only issues study permits at a specific time during the year. However, if an applicant wishes to join a school outside this period then all the schools will allow him to do so.

No. Namibia only recognizes marriages. Therefore, a life partner cannot qualify for a spousal-visa and will have to qualify in his/her own right for his/her permit.

Same-sex marriage is not allowed in Namibia. Therefore, similarly to life partners, they need to qualify in their own right.

Obtaining permanent residency in Namibia is a daunting and complex process. Each application is taken on merit and the requirements will differ depending on whether you are working, retired, an investor or otherwise.

The requirements at present is proof of being financially sustainable, this can be shown by funds and property in Namibia realizing to an amount ranging from 2-3 million Namibian Dollar. Government professionals may also apply as well as foreigners who are staying in Namibia for 10-12 years, there is however no guarantee that PR will be granted for such persons. The applicant may not await the outcome within Namibia if he/she does not have a temporary visa/permit.

The processing time for a permanent residence permit is, like in most countries, a rather long process, on average 1 to 1 ½ years.


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