Resignations and New Employees

Announcing New Immigration Staff

Saying Goodbye:

Saudikah Adams

Immigration specialist Saudikah Adams

Saudikah has been with IBN Immigration Solutions for nine years and during that time, she has shown massive growth and helped to upskill her assistant, Thando.

 “Andreas has taught me a lot. I could always go to him at any time when I had a question or problem and I could also be transparent if it was not clear or I did not understand. He had a lot of patience in helping me learn the industry and took the time to read my emails and assisted in helping me write proper emails in a logical order. Going forward, I will be working on myself, and my development and taking everything I have learned with me. Being thorough in my work, for example. Everything I have learned at IBN in the last nine years will and has already assisted in that.”

Chriselle Booise

Immigration specialist Chriselle Booise

Chriselle has spent five years in our company and we are grateful for the practical help she has always provided to our consultants and clients.

“I started out at IBN Immigration Solutions in 2017 as an Immigration Assistant, and I’m leaving as a Junior Consultant. I’m most grateful for the room and resources provided to grow in my position and as a person. I will miss my colleagues the most, they are some of the best people I have ever met! My focus upon my departure will be further career growth and the exploration of other opportunities.”

Welcoming New Staff:

Lauren Alexander-Jacobs

Lauren Jacobs Immigration Assistant Cape Town

Lauren began her role as Immigration Assistant earlier this month. Her varied career path and travel experiences have helped her gain invaluable skills to cement this role, including administration, compartmentalisation, excellent timekeeping skills, as well as the ability to be flexible and ask questions when necessary during the training period. 

“I am looking forward to learning something totally different and growing from other team members’ knowledge. This is the first time in close to 20 years that I’ll be doing something totally outside my comfort zone. I am embracing everything as it comes and I am driven to be the very best I can be. I think that over the next few months, with the support of my new colleagues, I will be able to attain this goal.” 

Jesse Potgieter

Jesse Potgieter Immigration Consultant

Jesse Potgieter Immigration Consultant

Jesse Potgieter worked for a smaller immigration firm in Pretoria before moving to Cape Town and starting with IBN Immigration Solutions this month. Her previous role has helped immensely as she transitions into her new position as an Immigration Consultant. “…although it was much smaller, it has given me a great base of experience and knowledge that I can further build on at IBN Immigration Solutions,” she says. 

“They really have an incredible team working here and I’m learning more and more every day. I worked in corporate in Johannesburg previously, so I am familiar with that pressure and that’s helping as well.”

Jesse is looking forward to growing within an experienced immigration team and gaining hands-on, practical experience with immigration legislation as she completes her studies in Law. 

We wish our exiting staff members all the best with their career trajectories moving forward and look forward to witnessing the growth of our new additions. 

Written by: Lauren Daniels

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