Namibia: Work Visas Go Digital

Namibia Announces New Digital Route for Applications

The Namibia Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety, and Security have announced that as of 15 March 2023 they have implemented an online application system for Short-Term Employment Permits and Namibian Ordinary Passports.

Work Visas Online

The Short-Term Employment Permit, also known as a Work Visa, is typically issued to non-Namibians seeking temporary work in Namibia for donor-funded projects, multinational companies, and Namibian companies under specific conditions, primarily for scarce professional skills.

Furthermore, the Ministry has introduced online passport applications as a means of achieving global best practice and embracing the Namibian Government Reform Initiative through e-governance.

The online application portal, accessible via, allows applicants to apply, schedule appointments, and monitor the status of their applications.

Our Thoughts

Our IBN Immigration Solutions Namibia branch manager, Uaaruka Kandjii, had the following to say:

Uaaruka Kandjii Immigration Consultant

“What does this mean for us and our clients? The new e-visa system will make the visa application process faster and more convenient as well as avoiding long lines at Home Affairs. In the long run this will help us submit more visa applications a day, giving us more time to service even bigger projects.

Our clients can be rest assured that no matter how urgent their travel plans are, their visas can still be processed in a timely manner.

We have already started with a few test cases on the system to see how the process works while continuing to submit some applications the traditional way. Then, we will completely switch to online submission for all our Short-Term Employment Permit of up to 6 months.

It’s always business as usual with us in Namibia: you can continue sending your queries through to us, and we will continue servicing you with the same passion.”

How IBN Immigration Solutions can help you

IBN Immigration Solutions has an office in Namibia, and coverage of most of the African continent! We contribute to the growth of Africa and its individuals by empowering people to move in a global world. We aim to enable international talent to work and live in Africa while also helping African talent gain invaluable international experience.

IBN is familiar with all the requirements for applications, possible red-flags, and hold-ups in African immigration, meaning that you’ll be in safe hands.

Written by Simon Carletti, PR and Creative Supervisor

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