Work Visas and Permits in Kenya

Work Visas and Permits in Kenya

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Kenya has two main types of work visas(permits); a short-term work visa called a “special pass” and long-term work visas. There are several types of long-term work visas (Permits), the categories of which are mentioned below.

Short-Term Work Visas/Special Passes are for small projects in Kenya that can be completed in a short period, up to nine months.

Long-Term Work Visas are for those who need more time to achieve their employment goals in Kenya.

Types of Kenya Work Visa(Permit)

  • Short-Term Work Visa and Special Pass
  • Class C for Professionals
  • Class D for Existing Employment Contracts
  • Class F for Manufacturing
  • Class G for Investors
  • Class I for those who belong to Organisations or Trusts
  • Class M for Refugees

Kenya Short-Term Work Visa (Permit)/Special Pass

Kenya Short-Term Work Visa (Permit)/Special Pass

The Kenya Short-Term Work Visa/Special Pass is valid for 90 days. You can renew or extend your special pass up to three times for a total of nine months

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Kenya Long-Term Work Visa

Kenya Long-Term Work Visa

There are several types of Long-Term Work Visa in Kenya. They cater to just about any professional or business reason to work in the country.

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Kenya Work Visa Requirements, Forms & Documentation

Basic Requirements for a work visa/special pass in Kenya include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Form 32, the application form specific to a special pass
  • A copy of the special pass checklist
  • A detailed letter for the Director of Immigration Services
  • Basic Requirements for a long-term visa in Kenya include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Certified copy of your highest degree or academic certificate
  • Relevant business/operating licence
  • Company registration documents
  • Kenya Work Visa Costs:

    Costs for special passes and long-term visas differ.

    A special pass has fees totalling 15,050.00 or 45,050.00 Kenyan Shillings for a one-month or three-month short-term permit, respectively.

    Costs for long-term visas depend on which type of Kenyan visa you’re applying for. For example, Class D permits’ costs and expenses differ from the fees inherent in Class I permits. Your Kenyan immigration consultant will advise you about the expenses specific to your application.

    How to apply for a Kenya Work Visa:

    The steps in application and the approval process are the same for both types of Kenyan Work Visa(Permit).

    Contact your Kenyan immigration specialist to find out which forms and documents are necessary for Work Visa Applications.
    Complete all the relevant forms and acquire all the associated documents. Your Kenyan immigration specialist will help you if required.

    IBN consultants submit all applications for an in-house quality check. When they get the nod, your specialist will submit the application to the Kenya immigration authority on your behalf.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Special passes in Kenya are valid for 90 days, but you can renew them three times.

    Note: You must submit a work visa application before you apply for the second extension of your Kenyan visa.

    All long-term work visas are valid for one year but can be renewed. Each renewal to stay in Kenya is valid for up to two years.

    Special pass: You’re restricted to the employer specified in your application documentation.

    Note: You can’t work at a third-party site in Kenya.

    Special pass (Short-Term Work Visa/Permit): No, the pass isn’t valid long enough to allow for dependents.

    Long-term Work Visa: Yes, they can apply for a dependent’s pass.

    Special pass: No, the pass isn’t long enough to lead to permanent residence.

    Long-term Work Visa: Yes, provided you’ve worked in Kenya for at least seven years and three consecutive years before you apply for the visa(Permit).

    Special pass: You can apply for extensions that allow you to stay in Kenya for up to nine months.

    Long-term work Visa(Permit): Renewals are valid for up to two years, and you can renew these Kenya visas long enough to reach the minimum requirements to apply for permanent residence.

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