Kristin Rasool’s caring attitude is reflected in her warm smile as she walks through our IBN Cape Town offices every morning. Everyone receives an authentic, individual greeting from our Talent Development Manager, who never fails to pull the team together when we need it the most.

Kristin was born in Kiel, North Germany and came to South Africa on a Study Visa at first. After meeting her future husband while studying, she realised quickly that SA would eventually become her home for life. Unfortunately, administrative hiccups quickly left her feeling dejected.

As a mother to two delightful daughters and wife to a SA national, the obstacles along Kristin’s immigration journey could have derailed her dream of starting a family. A dream helped, in part, by the dedicated team she nurtures at IBN Immigration Solutions.

From Student Visa to Permanent Residence Permit (PRP)

Kristin’s immigration journey is finally culminating in a happy ending – permanent residence. While every visa applicant’s journey is different, the extensive experience and deep knowledge of our consultants allows us to assist you at every level – application, submission and even document procurement and legalisation.

In her own words, “We love what we do because we get to work with people and in the end, we help people achieve their dreams. Whether it is retiring in beautiful Namibia, following a great job opportunity in Germany, joining your spouse to work and live in South Africa or working in Mozambique for a short-term work assignment – At IBN our main goal is to ensure that you get to your destination at your envisaged time and that the ride is as smooth as possible.”
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Written by: Lauren Daniels