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Application for Kenyan Visas and Passes

Kenya is one of the most beautiful and culturally diverse countries in East Africa. The climate is perfect almost year-round, its economy is robust, and its tourism industry is booming. This makes it one of the most desirable places in Africa to work, study, and live.

Unlike many other countries that attract a plethora of immigrants and permanent residence seekers, the Kenyan immigration system works with Visas(Permits) and Passes.

Work Visa (Class A/B/C/D/F/I Permits)

Work Visa (Class A/B/C/D/F/I Permits)

There are several types of Kenyan visas that enable foreign nations to live and work in the country. These include:

  • Short-Term Work Visa(permit)/special pass
  • Long-Term Work Visa
  • Class A Work Visa(Prospecting and Mining)
  • Class B Work Visa(Animal Husbandry)
  • Class C Work Visa(surgeons, dentists, veterinary surgeons, legal professionals, surveyors, architects, accountants, and IT specialists)
  • Class D Work Visa(specific employer) applies to people who have been offered a specific job by a specific employer.
  • Class F Work Visa(Manufacturing)
  • Class I Work Visa(people who belong to a missionary society, are a member of a limited company by guarantee, or are a member of a trust registered under the Trustees Act)
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Retirement Visa (Class K Permit)

Retirement Visa (Class K Permit)

In Kenya, a retirement visa is valid for one year for people who are 35 and older.

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Business Visa (Class G - Investment Permit)

Business Visa (Class G - Investment Permit)

The Business Investment Visa(Permit), applies to foreign individuals who want to own or run a business in Kenya.
This requires a capital Investment of 100,000 USD.

Cick below to read more about Application, Renewal and Appeals for this Visa:

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Business-Visitor and Tourist Visa (E-Visa)

Business-Visitor and Tourist Visa (E-Visa)

E-visas are issued to individuals looking to enter Kenya for tourism, business, or medical purposes. You can apply for this visa(permit) online. You can’t perform work-related activities on this visa, but you can attend a conference, seminars, training courses, and meetings.

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Dependant and Study Visas

Dependant and Study Visas

This Visa(Permit) enables dependents to accompany the primary permit holder in Kenya as well as enable Studies/Academia.

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Kenya Visa and Pass Requirements, Forms & Documentation

The requirements and forms vary depending on the visa type you’re applying for. A tourist visa, for example, is more straightforward than a refugee or investment visa.

Contact IBN Immigration Solutions, and we’ll assign a Kenyan immigration consultant to your case.
Your consultant will walk you through the requirements of your specific visa.

Consultants will help you procure all the documentation required and complete the forms and documents, to ensure that you have provided all the necessary information that Kenyan Visa Applications demand.

Kenya Visa and Permit Costs

Your Kenyan immigration consultant will go through all the costs and fees accompanying your specific visa application. We aim to provide an accurate assessment of costs, including miscellaneous expenses,
so that hidden fees don’t catch you out.

How to Apply for a Kenya Visa/Permit

Kenyan Visa(Permit) and Special Pass Applications vary greatly in terms of Steps and Approval Requirements.
These steps can be incredibly complex and must be done with care.

Your Kenyan immigration consultant knows all the ins and outs of the immigration process, no matter which Kenyan visa you’re applying for.
Your consultant will guide you through the process step-by-step and will answer any questions you have on the way.

Once you’ve compiled your Kenyan Visa Application Pack, your consultant will send it for an in-house quality check to ensure you’ve dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s.

After your application pack has passed the check, you’re ready to submit your application to the local Kenyan embassy or consulate general.
We’ll keep you abreast of the progress as your application goes through the approval process.

Bear in mind that the actual processing time for applications may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tourist Visas in Kenya are issued via the online e-visa system and are valid for up to 90 days.

Note: Visa-restricted passport holders must apply for their tourist visa at the Kenyan mission in their country of origin or residence.

A business visa in Kenya does not allow for work. You may attend conferences, seminars, training, and meetings at most.

You must apply for a business visa online via an electronic visa system. Submission online is possible for visa-restricted passport holders as well as visa-exempt passport holders.

Note: Visa-restricted passport holders may have to submit their application in person at the nearest Kenyan embassy before the approval letter is issued.

The Department of Immigration Services issues work authorisation.
Work visas under three months do not require local residence.

You must apply online for all Kenyan work visas.

Once approved, IBN will submit a physical application in Kenya via our local provider because it’s necessary to approach local authorities in person. After the application is approved, you must apply for the registration certificate. You must also submit it to the Department of Immigration Services.

We recommend that you apply for your work visa as soon as possible, as requirements and procedures are subject to change and can affect your work start date.

In addition to the work visa, most countries require an entry visa. African passport holders may obtain an entry visa on arrival, and non-African passports must obtain a Kenya visa before arrival.

Work permit holders and their dependants needn’t obtain entry visas when re-entering the country, as their Kenyan Visa allows free travel in and out of the country.

You must obtain your work visa application before arriving in Kenya. Some of the requirements are:

Certified copies of your passport, which must be valid for at least six months
Your CV
Highest degree/education certificate
Passport photographs
Police Clearance Certificate
Medical Report
Employment contract
Motivational letter from the employer
Operating/business license
Company registration documents.

Kenyan Work Visa holders must apply for a Dependants Pass to include their families on their passports.

Life partners and same-sex marriages aren’t recognised in Kenya. Spousal dependents are only for married heterosexual partners.

Dependants must apply for re-entry passes that will be endorsed in their passports. This is to avoid obtaining visas every time they re-enter Kenya.

Note: Family members can’t work under this visa. Children must be under 18 years of age, and parents or grandparents must be 100% dependent on the applicant.

Primary applicants must have sufficient income to support their dependants.

Dependants who attend school at any level, including Kindergarten, need a School/Study Pass.

If your child is registered with a school, you can apply for this pass with the Dependants Pass. You can also add your child once they are registered.

We provide a full range of immigration services for Kenya. With our trusted network of partners, we are always up to date on policy issues and the practical realities that govern immigration rules and regulations.

Your Kenyan immigration specialist will conduct an initial consultation to determine which Kenyan visa(permit) is right for you. We advise on the required documentation and compile the complete application on your behalf. We save you time by gathering the forms necessary to finalise your application.

A reliable local representative will submit the application in Kenya and collect the necessary documents for you.

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